SirLatour: A Life of Multifaceted Excellence

Welcome to the official webpage of SirLatour,
a figure of profound creativity, versatility and accomplishment.
Born in the heart of Oklahoma City, OK, SirLatour's journey through life is a testament to the pursuit of excellence across various domains. From the stages of Shakespearean poetry to the serene sounds of jazz guitar, his life is a melody composed of dedication, service, and compassion.

The Early Years: A Foundation in the Arts

From a young age, SirLatour demonstrated an unparalleled affinity for the arts. His early years were marked by an immersion into the world of Shakespearean poetry, where he mastered the intricate rhythms and profound themes of the Bard's works. Concurrently, he delved into the world of music, specifically jazz guitar chord melodies, crafting a unique sound that blended technical prowess with emotional depth.

A Life of Service: The United States Navy and Air Force

SirLatour's commitment to service led him to the United States Navy, where he served with distinction during the Vietnam War. For his bravery and service, he was awarded the Bronze Star, a testament to his courage and dedication to his country. Following his time in the Navy, SirLatour pursued and earned a degree in electronics engineering, further demonstrating his commitment to growth and learning.

Transitioning to the Air Force, SirLatour served as an electronics engineer and computer programmer analyst for 30 years. His work in the Air Force was characterized by innovation, dedication, and a continual drive to serve his country through technological advancement.

A Calling Answered: Ordination as a Minister

In 2020, SirLatour embraced a new calling, being ordained as a minister. This role allowed him to channel his vast experiences and deep empathy into helping others navigate the complexities of life. His ministry is grounded in compassion, understanding, and an unwavering commitment to the well-being of others.

An Investigator of Life's Complexities

In his current role as an investigator, SirLatour continues to apply his diverse handwriting analysis skill set to assist others. Whether unraveling the complexities of personal challenges or guiding individuals through the intricacies of bureaucratic systems, SirLatour stands as a beacon of support and guidance.

The Healing Power of Music: Jazz Guitar Melodies

Despite his myriad achievements, SirLatour remains devoted to his first love: music. He continues to perform and record jazz guitar melodies, offering a sonic sanctuary for those grappling with stress and the challenges of life. His music is not just an artistic expression but a therapeutic tool, aimed at soothing the soul and uplifting the spirit.

Web Design Challenges

From his early days studying and working in the fields of electronics engineering, software development, and database management, he has developed many management information websites (this one included).

In Conclusion

SirLatour's life is a narrative of diverse achievements, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in every endeavor. From the battlefields of Vietnam to the stages of jazz festivals, from the engineering labs to the pulpits of ministry, his journey is a testament to the power of dedication, versatility, and compassion.

We invite you to explore this webpage to learn more about SirLatour's work, his music, and his ongoing contributions to society. Here, you will find a collection of his recordings, writings, and insights into the multifaceted dimensions of his extraordinary life.

Contact Information

Samuel V. Latture (Latour)
P.O.Box 7404
Moore, OK 7404-73153
Mobile/Text: 405-626-8480